It all started in a small bamboo garden in the countryside. 
The appreciation for the product and the plant itself lead to experimenting with different techniques to develop sustainable and unique pieces that display the love for art and nature. 

All out materials are grown, handpicked by its beauty and aestetic and then crafted by hand in Germany. 
Handmade with a lot of passion and the aim to bring some of that to the person wearing it. Every single one is unique on its own; the eye of the bamboo wood

is like a fingerprint - never the same. 

Slowing down and appreciating the process of making something outstanding is why we decided to do collections that build up on each other rather then focussing on keeping up with the fast pace of the fashion industry. 

  There is a lot of love for the timeless product inside which you will carry with you as well.

The jewellery design is inspired by ancient cultures and travels around the world.


IMG_5179 copy.jpg

"Wood is universally beautiful to mankind.
It is the most humanly intimate

process of all materials“


Frank Lloyd Wright