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Atelier Elle Pé draws its inspiration from the melancholy of being and the longing for freedom that we all have.

Art and culture, poetry and music play a major role and are borne by the drama of their own being the cornerstone of the creative process.  


Sculptures and art are first created in order to then serve as a source of inspiration for the parts. Melancholy and longing meet joie de vivre and lightness.  

Luisa, the creative mind behind Atelier Elle Pé, studied accessory design at the University of Design in Pforzheim. After various internships in London and New York, she worked for Hennes and Mauritz in Stockholm and then returned to Hugo Boss in Germany. The many different stations on her résumé finally brought her to theater costume design. She has always loved telling emotions and stories through her works, so she founded Atelier Elle Pé in 2020 to tell her own story.  

There is a symbiosis of the imperfect, the raw and the fine. The dreamy, transfigured fascination to see perfection in imperfection.  

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Atelier Elle Pé is headquartered in Berlin.  



And you wait for the one thing
that increases your life infinitely;
the mighty, the ugly,
the awakening of the stones,

Downs turned towards you.

It is twilight in the bookcase
the volumes in gold and brown;
and you think of passed countries
of pictures, of the robes

lost women again.

And then you suddenly know: that was it.
You rise and stand in front of you
of a past year
Fear and shape and prayer.

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Rainer Maria Rilke, 1906

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