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The well-known wisdom of life, which says that we have to feel emotionally connected to a brand that we wear and share its standards and philosophies, is very important to us.

We wanted all of the production to take place in Europe, here in Berlin to be more precise.


We try to show people a new concept, which puts the traditional high-quality handcraft and its quality, beauty and specialty in the foreground.


Therefore the waiting time for the personalized piece of jewelry becomes a process that aims to bring back the appreciation of the arts by involving the customers in the process.

So, step by step, we are trying to find a way out of the throwaway society and mass production of the fashion industry.


The heart of our philosophy is to create a sustainable working environment. We believe, that the more we are aware of how things are made,  the more we value the end product.  

We want to draw attention to the manufacturing process and  bring back appreciation for this craftsmanship, that are long lost in the process of consumerism in which we live in.  

Unbenanntes_Projekt 18_edited.png

We try to use all resources responsibly and remember that they are not infinitely available. That is why our packaging is made from recycled materials and we encourage the store pick ups of our products if possible.

For us it means thinking about the bigger picture and looking at it  from above; to use the connections that we establish in this digitized world in order to make the world a place full of life, not only for us, but also for future generations.




We want you to wear your piece of jewelry for a long time. So it can  be brought to life with your experiences and stories.
Our aim is for the products to be able to be passed on from generation to generation.



That's why your pieces can be renewed or adapted to new circumstances. We look forward to rediscovering your companions with you again and again.  

Our promise

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