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Our way of sustainability

and quality is 100%

"made and grown in Germany"

"It all started in a small bamboo forest in the country."

A dreamy romantic refuge as a counterpoint to the events of today, which brings us to a place that lets the misanthropic traits of our time be forgotten for a short time.

The products are coated with liquid gold or silver using a special technique, giving them an extreme value. Surface textures result from the manual processing, spontaneously during the process, similar to the creation of a sculpture. So to speak, every piece of jewelry is a work of art that can stand on its own. 

In order to get away from the fast paced life and towards decelerating the concept of the fashion industry, we have decided to develop collections that build on each other.


Local craftsmanship                

We grow all the raw materials in a garden that we go to to harvest the bamboo. Each bamboo is selected according to its own beauty and shape before it is then processed in the studio.                    

So for us, handmade really has the traditional meaning. The fact that we make bespoke products means that it is a very personal process that is due to its close proximity. Interaction with the customer is another basic value of our philosophy.     

Customers have fittings, see the raw materials and become part of the whole process. Through this involvement they can experience the passion and the time it takes to make such a piece.

Our goal is to give the wearer a quiet place that they can fill with their memories and personalities. something that underlines their uniqueness and makes them shine.

Slowing down and appreciating the creation process of something extraordinary is the reason why we decided to develop collections that build on each other and do not join the hunt for the next season of the fashion industry.

We try as much as possible, to live by our standards mentioned in the philosophy. Not just in the brand environment, but also in our private life.

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