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Since our products are so-called "made to order" products, they are only produced when an order is placed.
This saves resources and promotes sustainability. They are individually handcrafted to your wishes.
However, this also means that the waiting time for your new companion will be longer.

Depending on the effort involved, it takes four to six weeks until the piece of jewelery is ready for dispatch.


Alle Schmuckstücke sind hangefertigte Unikate. Es gibt sie also in ihrer eigenen Art nur einmal. Deshalb weisen wir Sie daraufhin, das es zu leichten Abweichungen Ihres Produktes kommen kann.

The Aurora Necklace

Color: silver
  • product details



    Height 3cm
    Diameter pearl 0.5 cm



    The bamboo blanks are coated with liquid gold or silver using a special technique, giving them an extremely high value. Surface textures result from working by hand, spontaneously during the process, similar to creating a sculpture. So to speak, every piece of jewelry is a work of art that can stand on its own.



    Sister of the sun god Sol and the moon goddess Luna. Dawn reignites the lovers' nocturnal passions.


    "Who feels a wind through the heart, irrefutable?
    Who can make room for the flight of birds?
    Who is so flexible and frail at the same time
    like every branch on every tree?"

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